art group

The 7+1 Art group was established in 1997

by the sculptors Kamen Tsvetkov, Ilko Nikolchev, Stephen Hadjiev, Pancho Kurtev, Yohannes Artinyan, Krassimir Angelov, the architect Georgi Daskalov and the curator Ilina Koralova.

In 1999 Kamen Tsvetkov, Ilko Nikolchev, Pancho Kurtev, Yohannes Artinian, Krassimir Angelov and Ilina Koralova founded the 7+1 Visual ArtsAssociation. A major trend in the group's professional quest has been the problematising of social and physical norms by means of large-scale sculptural installations in a social environment, outdoor and indoor spaces. The group has used classical as well as modern materials and forms depending on each concrete spatial situation in order to turn their projects into reality.They have taken part in the projects according to their personal motivation. The pieces of work presented to you have been created by Ilko Nikolchev, Kamen Tsvetkov, Krasimir Angelov, Pancho Kurtev and Yohannes Artinian.

The Association is interested in undertaking projects with other artists or organisations in the area of open space visual arts, multimedia and web arts.

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